Ultimos Avances en Mecanica de Tratamiento FACE


Dear colleague:

It is with a great pleasure that we announce the 2016 FACE Meeting that will take place the 4th and 5th of March 2016 in the Goya Auditorium in Madrid.

“Latest Developments on FACE Treatment Mechanics” is the title of the meeting that will bring together 17 speakers, many of them internationally recognized. Each one of the speakers will present the present, the past and the future of treatment mechanics based on the FACE treatment philosophy.

One of the objectives of this meeting is to answer those many questions that help us make important treatment decisions, such as Orthodontics or Surgery? We will also see presentations as how to prepare a surgery case based on the FACE treatment objectives, skeletal anchorage, occlusal adjustments using T-Scan, up to date information on the use of splints and new frontiers in orthodontics. This will include radiological diagnosis with 3D images, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea and the existence of TMJ pathology in children.

The meeting will take place in Madrid, a lively city, and like all big cities it offers us daily activities and an incredible nightlife without forgetting its gastronomic reputation. You can also enjoy the beautiful parks, museums, take part in its rich history and
enjoy its monuments.

Come and take part and enjoy two wonderful days in Madrid in an incredible atmosphere and do not forget the FACE motto “Work hard play hard”.


domingo martin

Domingo Martín
(Orthodontist, SPAIN)


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